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27 August 2007 @ 10:56 pm
brown bagging it:  
i pack my lunch every morning because in my school cafeteria the food is inedible. i'm serious. the ground beef looks like dog food, and today they served a ham burrito. i am not kidding. a tortilla shell with a scoop of cubed ham (the kind that sometimes goes on salads) inside. gross.

so yes, every morning i pack a sandwich. this week at the grocery i decided to splurge a bit and instead of picking up my usual pack of sliced chicken breast, i explored the deli's offerings. i found sarah lee's turkey breast with sundried tomatoes, and i was sold. i got a pound to last all week for about six bucks. it was absolutely money well spent, my friends, because it's fantabulous! and i think it's even pretty healthy!

maybe i'll find time to post a pic sometime tomorrow, but for now i'm heading to bed. i promise to post more pics and recipes when i get paid on friday and can in turn buy groceries. i am living from my freezer (leftovers i've frozen over the past few months) this week.

;) g'nite folks!
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