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04 September 2007 @ 11:32 pm
i have a new food obsession:

these pistachio nuts are incredible! and though i'm not a health freak by any means, i've read that people who eat nuts are generally healthier, weigh less, and in turn have more energy. not a bad trade for these beautiful green pods of deliciousness. i bought a box two days ago at kroger, and they're almost gone already.

i've seen these featured at hungrygirl.com and they liked them as well, so if you see them at your grocery give them a try! dooo it!
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27 August 2007 @ 10:56 pm
i pack my lunch every morning because in my school cafeteria the food is inedible. i'm serious. the ground beef looks like dog food, and today they served a ham burrito. i am not kidding. a tortilla shell with a scoop of cubed ham (the kind that sometimes goes on salads) inside. gross.

so yes, every morning i pack a sandwich. this week at the grocery i decided to splurge a bit and instead of picking up my usual pack of sliced chicken breast, i explored the deli's offerings. i found sarah lee's turkey breast with sundried tomatoes, and i was sold. i got a pound to last all week for about six bucks. it was absolutely money well spent, my friends, because it's fantabulous! and i think it's even pretty healthy!

maybe i'll find time to post a pic sometime tomorrow, but for now i'm heading to bed. i promise to post more pics and recipes when i get paid on friday and can in turn buy groceries. i am living from my freezer (leftovers i've frozen over the past few months) this week.

;) g'nite folks!
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22 August 2007 @ 08:21 pm
i didn't cook anything tonight. i laid out some chicken rotel that i had frozen a few months ago, so tonight i bonded with the microwave and caught up on the episodes of big love, entourage, and weeds i'd missed this week.

BUT i do want to share with you my favorite brownie recipe EVER. i keep these in the fridge for weeks at a time, and they're just fabulous. make them just once and i promise you'll never go back to the box mixes. just look at these:

and here's the recipe:Collapse )
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21 August 2007 @ 07:33 pm
i may not be an athlete or a musician, but there is one talent that i definitely have. i can take a bunch of shit in my pantry or fridge, and make a pretty decent meal. such was the case tonight, since it's almost two weeks until payday and my checking account contains a whopping twelve bucks. luckily, i stock my freezer with meat and veggies when they're on sale at the grocery (and when i have a bit of extra money here and there), so it's not hard to pull off something wonderful.

on the menu tonight (for me and my nanny) was:

chicken parmesanCollapse )

artichokes in a white wine and thyme sauceCollapse )

and rice krispy treats!Collapse )

okay, i have mountains of school stuff to grade so i'm going to go. thanks for stopping by!
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21 August 2007 @ 04:37 pm
hi. this is holly. i'm COMPLETELY copying judy by creating this journal, but i think it's a fun idea, so here we go!
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